If you feel you need a little extra security on your lace front wig or topper, you can use an adhesive.  There are water soluble (“IT STAYS” Body Adhesive) and water resistant (Ghost Bond Classic) adhesives available. Water soluble adhesives are best to be used if you know you are not going to be sweating or in high temperature situations. Ghost Bond Classic adhesive is designed to withstand higher temperatures than other adhesives and is waterproof giving you a long, strong hold even in the toughest weather conditions or for example, a workout at the gym. Specially designed specifically for high temperatures. 

Just follow these simple steps and you won’t have to worry either way!

           IT STAYS Body Adhesive

Step 1: Be sure your forehead and anywhere your adhesive will be touching is clean and dry. Do not put anything like moisturizer where you will be putting your adhesive. 

Step 2: Rub the IT STAYS roller along your forehead where the lace of the wig will lie. You can also roll it up into your hair (it will not damage your natural hair) for a bit more security. Let it sit and get tacky for approximately 10-20 seconds. You can also use a quick cool shot of your hair dryer.

Step 3: Put your wig or topper on and adjust your lace front properly.

Step 4: Press your lace down on top of the adhesive and let it dry. Helpful tip: Use a Bobby Pin to hold down your lace instead of your finger.

Step 5: To remove, just wet a Q-tip with water and roll it between your skin and the lace from one side of your piece to the other. Easily releases with just water! Rinse any remaining adhesive from your lace.

           Ghost Bond Classic Water Resistant Adhesive

Step 1: Be sure your forehead is clean and dry. Do not put anything like moisturizer where you will be putting your adhesive. 

Step 2: Apply 4 thin coatings of Ghost Bond Classic to scalp only DO NOT APPLY TO LACE BASE or into your hairline. Apply each coat as soon as previous coat turns clear (approx. 20 seconds).

Step 3: After the 4th coat wait 7 minutes and press hair piece into place along the lace. Helpful tip: use a bobby pin instead of your fingers to adhere the lace to your scalp.

Step 4: To remove, use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol and roll it between your scalp and the lace. Take another Q-tip dipped in alcohol and remove any Ghost Bond still left on the lace. 

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